Tequila brand adds NFC tags for product authentication and customer engagement

Tequila bottle with NFC tag
ENGAGEMENT: Customers can order more bottles by tapping the NFC cap tag with their NFC device

Consumers purchasing bottles of Otaca tequila can now authenticate their purchase, access information about the brand and place further orders by tapping an NFC tag on the bottle cap with their NFC-enabled Apple or Android device.

The US-based brand is adding NFC tags to its products to “build out a transparent digital experience that allows us to share the story of tequila with customers at the point of sale and in their home,” its CEO Anthony Accetta says.

“With one tap, customers can access our tequila’s journey, learn when we’re preparing to harvest and discover the latest plans for the brand.”

“The NFC tag is a printed, standard circular form factor and attaches to the top of the tequila bottle,” technology provider Identiv explains.

“Blockchain expert Suku manages the consumer engagement platform. The decentralised, distributed qualities of blockchain processing ensure security, transparency, reliability, and authenticity.

“The NFC tag combined with blockchain technology strengthens the trustworthiness of the tequila’s supply chain.”

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