PayPay lets new customers verify identity with their driving licence via NFC

VERIFY: Users can now scan the NFC chip in their driving licence and upload a selfie to prove their ID

Consumers in Japan setting up an account with mobile payments service provider PayPay can now verify their identity by scanning the NFC chip in their driving licence and uploading a selfie.

Customers were previously able to verify their identity on the PayPay Money app with their driving licence, but had to take photographs of the document and add personal information manually during the process.

“The currently issued driver’s licence is equipped with an IC chip in which personal information such as name, address and face photo is entered,” PayPay says. 

“Compared to the procedure for identity verification using a photograph of a driver’s licence, it is possible to prevent fraud such as forgery of identity verification documents, spoofing application by others, and falsification of data, and it is possible to perform identity verification smoothly.

“We will only use your identity verification information within the limits stipulated by law.”

The service is currently available only on the Android version of the PayPay app but support for iOS devices will be added “soon”.

PayPay began enabling customers to verify their identity by scanning the NFC chip in their My Number personal identification service card in November 2021. 

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