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Chinese researchers create highly flexible NFC circuits using transparent film based on calligraphy paper

HHighly flexible NFC circuit created using transparent film based on calligraphy paper

Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei have developed a pliable high-strength transparent film and demonstrated how it can be used to create NFC circuits that can still be read even after being folded or bent and could be integrated into flexible electronic and optical devices... More

TSA to begin Apple digital ID pilot in February

TSA and Apple digital ID in Wallet

Air passengers with Apple devices will soon be able to verify their identity at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints at two US airports by presenting a digital ID document such as their mobile driving licence (mDL) or state ID stored in Wallet... More

Cincinnati airport rolls out contactless retail delivery robots

Man accessing contactless retail delivery robot at Cincinnati airport

Passengers travelling from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in the US can now order food, beverages and travel items sold at retail outlets in the airport’s Concourse B on their mobile device and have their purchases delivered directly to their location by an autonomous delivery robot... More