Visa launches digital emergency card replacement service

Visa has rolled out a Digital Emergency Card Replacement service that makes it possible for cardholders to instantly receive a digital replacement for a lost or stolen card, via text or email, anywhere in the world. 

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“Once received, cardholders can authenticate and add the new card into their digital wallet, offering a convenient, fast and secure solution that helps enhance travel experiences and boost issuer customer satisfaction,” Visa explains.

“We’ve all felt that moment of panic while on vacation – the loss of a card and the feeling of being stranded,” says Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, global head of issuing solutions at Visa.

“Our new digital emergency card solution addresses these very issues. It offers instant, secure access to funds for travellers, while enabling issuers to deliver superior customer service. It’s a win-win, demonstrating the power of digital payments to improve experiences for everyone.”

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