Privacy policy

This page explains how SJB Research Ltd (“SJB Research”, “we”), the publisher of NFCW (“NFCW”), uses personal data that we collect and process and the ways in which we protect your privacy.

Site users

We avoid collecting any personally identifiable data from visitors to our website wherever it is possible to do so within the confines of providing you with a commercially viable online information service.

We use log files and analytics services to gain insight into the overall usage of our site. These enable us to make changes to the layout of the site and to the information in it, based on the way that visitors move around it.

We use Simple Analytics and Clicky Web Analytics to gather anonymised aggregate data for this purpose.

We use AdButler to enable us to serve banner advertisements on behalf of customers who have directly contracted with us for this service. We do not serve third party ads and we do not permit any ad personalisation. We do not allow ads that gather user data. Our implementation of Adbutler does not use cookies.

Our site search function is powered by Google’s Custom Search Engine. Google may serve you personalized third party ads, based on data that Google holds, on the search results page when you use this service. We are not party to any information used in this process and we do not benefit financially or otherwise from this activity, save that Google provides our site search function.

Our site makes limited uses of cookies to store information while you move around the site. You can set your browser to not accept cookies. However, if you do this, you may not be able to use some site features because we need to record your preferences in order to give you the information you need during your visit.

Our cookies do not contain any personal information. We only use cookies that are essential for the operation of our website (‘strictly necessary’ cookies) and we do not use cookies for storing preferences, tracking or marketing purposes (‘preferences’, ‘statistics’ and ‘marketing’ cookies)

We collect, store on an on-going basis and process this information on the basis of the legitimate interest of providing you with a fully-featured and commercially viable online information service.

These services all run automatically in the background when you visit NFCW. You can therefore only avoid sharing this data by ceasing to visit our site.

External services that we use in the course of providing our service to you may use cookies for their own purposes in accordance with the privacy policies of those services. External services we use include Cloudflare for website security and performance, as well as Vimeo and Google’s YouTube for embedded videos. To further enhance the privacy of our visitors, as of March 2021 we no longer embed YouTube videos in new content published on NFCW.

Subscribers to the NFCW email newsletter service

When you subscribe to the NFCW email newsletter service, your name, your email address and your subscription preferences are collected on the basis of your consent.

It is then stored on an on-going basis, along with a registration source code, and processed based on a combination of consent and legitimate interest.

We process your personal information for two purposes:

  • So that we can send you updates from the mailing lists that you have consented to join and enable you to update your preferences.
  • In aggregate, so that we can generate general statistics on the service for the legitimate interest of informing product planning and marketing activities.

We use Mailchimp, a specialist third-party service provider, to administer our mailing lists. Information you provide in relation to your mailing list subscriptions will be held securely on their servers, which may be physically located outside the European Union (“EU”).

We do not share our email newsletter subscriber list with any additional third parties.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email that we send.

If you subscribed prior to the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018, we may also have asked you to provide additional, business-related personal information when you registered and your personal data may also be stored in our online database, provided by Zoho. This database is used for internal administration and analysis only and is not shared with any third parties. This online database may be physically located outside the EU.

Members of the NFCW Knowledge Centre

When you join the NFCW Knowledge Centre, we collect your personal data based on consent. We then store it on an on-going basis and process it based on a combination of consent, legitimate interest and the performance of our agreement with you.

The personal information we collect with your consent includes your contact details, organisation and job title along with demographic information including your industry sector and country.

This information is stored securely on our servers, which may be physically located outside the EU, and in our online database.

When you access a particular piece of information — by clicking the ‘download’ button on a white paper, for example — a record is made of the fact that you have requested access to it.

This data is collected and processed for the legitimate interest of delivering the service you have joined and in accordance with the terms and conditions of membership you consented to when joining the service.

We process this data in order to analyze usage of the service for research, for product and business development purposes and to collate and forward to our sponsors reports that contain the registration details of the members who have chosen to access a resource they have sponsored. These sponsors may be based outside the EU.

Your registration data and information on your usage of the service is also shared with authorized and appropriately trained members of our team for the legitimate interest of verifying that the information you have provided is complete and accurate and in order to communicate with you in accordance with the terms and conditions of membership which you agree to when you join.

Your email address may also be shared with our third-party email service provider for the purpose of sending these communications to you.

Authorized and appropriately trained external suppliers may also occasionally have access to this data in the course of performing work where access is essential, such as to fix a technical issue.

You can withdraw your consent to further processing at any time by cancelling your membership.

You can also opt to keep your personal data private from our sponsors by choosing to become a paid subscriber to the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

Please note: Your information is only ever shared with a company providing, contributing to or sponsoring an item you access — we never make your details available to a company that you have not already interacted with. The source of any particular item is always clearly identified.

Other services

You may also have provided us with your contact details in order to access other services such as a webinar that we have organized, an individual white paper we have made available for download or to purchase or trial a paid-for information service.

This information is stored on an on-going basis in our online database and may also be shared with our third-party email service provider. We process this information for the legitimate interest of continuing our business relationship by, for example, inviting you to sign up for the NFCW email newsletter service or join the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

We do not share your information with any additional third parties.

An “unsubscribe” link is clearly signposted in all our communications of this type.

You can request that we cease contacting you at any time, by emailing our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Business contacts

We also collect, store on an on-going basis and process the personal data of individual editorial and commercial contacts for the legitimate interest of building and maintaining a business relationship with them.

We use a variety of reputable contact management and communications solutions such as CRM software, personal and third-party email services and spreadsheets to enable us to do this. These solutions may be provided by service providers that are based outside the EU.

We do not share data we collect or process in this way with any third parties.

You can request that we stop sending you direct marketing communications at any time by using the “unsubscribe” link included in all such communications. You can also request that we remove your details from our list of business contacts at any time, by emailing our Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

If SJB Research Ltd or any of its lines of business is sold or disposed of as a going concern, whether by merger, sale of assets or otherwise, your personal data could be transferred as part of that transaction and processed by such successor or purchaser, who may be based outside the EU.

Exercising your rights under GDPR

EU citizens have the right to contact us at any time to request access to their personal data, to request that we rectify it, erase it or provide it to them, or to restrict or object to our processing of it. You may do that by contacting:

Data Protection Officer
SJB Research Ltd
Y Plas
SY20 8ER
United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority at any time.

Changes to this privacy policy

If this privacy policy changes we will publish an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will share it with other parties.

Last updated 23 September 2022.

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