NFC Forum sets out vision for Multi-Purpose Taps

The NFC Forum has detailed its vision for its planned introduction of Multi-Purpose Taps, which will enable multiple functions to be actioned via a single tap of an NFC device, in a new paper which is available to download from the standards body’s website.

NFC Forum black and white logo

NFC Multi-Purpose Tap: One Tap, Unlimited Potential details what Multi-Purpose Tap is, how it can integrate into existing NFC architectures, and which ecosystems stand to benefit most.

“The innovation is expected to not only further improve usability, but also provide the opportunity to personalize seamless consumer experiences,” the NFC Forum explains.

“Examples include simultaneously taking retail payments while adding loyalty points and promotions; applying concessions and best fare pricing when purchasing travel tickets; or receiving details on how a product can be recycled and reused when buying goods.”

“Consumers and retailers love the security, reliability, and convenience of contactless payments – imagine also logging loyalty points or getting your receipt over that same instantaneous tap,” executive director Mike McCamon says.

“The potential to complete multiple functions and link services together is limitless.”

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