ST provides insight into using NFC tags to enhance consumer experiences

STMicroelectronics NFC design considerations white paper cover and pages
POTENTIAL: Successful implementation of NFC technology requires effective design and full understanding

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: A comprehensive guide to implementing NFC tags to provide enhanced consumer experiences in a wide range of use cases is now available to download from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

NFC tags embedded in consumer products enable brand owners to maximise customer engagement, offer innovative user experiences, and increase the reach of their brand and products, STMicroelectronics explains in the white paper, but the successful implementation of NFC technology requires effective design and an understanding of its full potential.

“Bringing digital life to everyday consumer goods becomes possible when approaching an NFC-enabled smartphone to an NFC tag on the product, and then opens a great world of possibilities,” ST says.

“The NFC technology can also be used to guarantee the integrity of products and authenticate their origin in applications and use cases, including consumer engagement, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, product identification, access control, asset tracking and gaming.”

“Offering a good NFC user experience depends on various parameters,” the paper adds.

“The experiences users have with the NFC technology equally depends on the physical implementation (range, tag location, etc) as well as with the software application.

“NFC still being new to most consumers, they expect an instant ‘tap and connect’ experience which also depends on the software implementation.”

“Test and integration is most certainly one of the key success factors of your NFC implementation. Indeed, you need to make sure that all the components you have developed, whether it is designing the tag antenna, integrating the tag onto your product or developing an application on a smartphone all work well together from the user point of view,” ST says in its updated ‘NFC design considerations for an improved user experience’ white paper.

Readers wanting to know more about using NFC tags to enhance customer user experience and raise brand and product profile can download ST’s white paper from the NFC Knowledge Centre.