German luggage brand leverages NFC for product authentication and customer engagement

Stratic German luggage with NFC for product authentication and customer engagement
SMART LUGGAGE: Users can create an interactive packing list by tapping the NFC chip in the suitcase

Purchasers of Straw+ suitcases manufactured by German luggage brand Stratic can now authenticate their purchase, access product information and receive offers and tips about packing by tapping an NFC chip embedded in the suitcase with their NFC smartphone.

Tapping the NFC chip also enables owners to create an interactive packing list and store their contact details online rather than on a physical tag attached to their suitcase.

Straw+ suitcases are made of recyclable bioplastic that includes 25% straw. Stratic has also introduced a mechanism into the technology that accounts for a customer’s CO2 footprint when travelling and compensates for it with “climate coins for sustainable projects”.

“In the Straw+ collection, NFC chips from NXP Semiconductors are embedded under the front covers of the suitcases,” software provider Imero says. 

“All the functions are available from the browser, no app installation is required.

“The web page connected to every suitcase is built on a no-code platform and has a modular structure. The web page structure and its content can be updated with no limitations, so the variety of Stratic digital features might be extended.”

Stratic now plans to add NFC functionality to all its forthcoming suitcase collections, the company says.

A short video shows how the technology works.

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