NFC Forum certifies Cilab for TR13.1 wireless charging testing

Cilab ci230 high-speed tester which has NFC Forum  TR13.1 wireless charging certification
WIRELESS CHARGING: The ci230 high-speed tester will enable developers and manufacturers to ensure their NFC devices meet updated NFC Forum specifications

PARTNER NEWS: Cilab has received NFC Forum Test Release 13.1 certification for wireless charging certification (WLC) testing and is to release a testing suite for its ci230 high-speed tester that will enable developers and manufacturers to ensure their NFC devices meet updated NFC Forum specifications.

Cilab’s ci230 is the first test tool to receive certification to test NFC devices that are capable of wirelessly charging small battery-powered devices at a power transfer rate of up to two watts.

Cilab’s new WLC test set consists of the ci230, WLC-compliant dedicated poller/listener antennae as well as the company’s six-axis robotic system that allows for the testing process to be fully automated and run at scale.

“Adding certification for the latest NFC Forum WLC specifications means that the ci230 is currently the only test tool worldwide capable of testing all NFC devices that are seeking conformance to the NFC Forum WLC specification,” Cilab CEO Alfred Binder says.

“We are already an NFC Forum-certified test tool provider for both its CR13 and CR12 product certification programs.

“The implementation of TR13.1 WLC testing capabilities will accelerate interoperability between WLC-enabled NFC devices and increase the range of use cases for this technology.”

The NFC Forum launched its TR13.1 NFC wireless charging certification program to enable manufacturers to certify small battery-operated consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) devices comply with WLC 2.0 in May.

As well as support for the NFC Forum’s CR13 and CR12 product certification programs, Cilab also provides the fastest EMVCo, ISO and BSI contactless test solutions on the market.