Johnnie Walker uses NFC to let consumers access immersive digital Singapore experience at Changi Airport

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities of the Future bottles with NFC tags for immersive digital experience

Consumers visiting a Lotte Duty Free store at Changi Airport in Singapore can access an immersive digital experience that brings to life the country as it might be in the year 2220 by tapping an NFC chip embedded in limited edition bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities of the Future whisky with their mobile device... More

TSA to extend contactless digital ID verification pilot to airports in Puerto Rico and Tennessee

TSA map of contactless digital ID acceptance across USA

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to start letting passengers use their digital driving licence or state ID card stored on their smartphone to verify their identity at checkpoints in Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico and Nashville International Airport in Tennessee later this year, according to TSA administrator David Pekoske... More

Visa reports on passenger preferences for transit payments

More than four in ten transit passengers worldwide say that tapping their own debit or credit card to make open loop contactless fare payments is their preferred fare payment option (42%), followed by tapping a card stored in their mobile wallet (39%), using a closed loop transit card (38%), cash (31%) and app-based payment (29%), according to a Visa survey... More