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Luxury handbag maker uses NFC tags to counter fraud

IN THE BAG: Maria&Donato’s luxury goods will soon be authenticated using NFC tags

Owners of a handbag from Maria&Donato’s exclusive collection will soon be able to authenticate their purchase as well as discover information about the brand and buy limited-edition handbags online with a tap of their NFC device.

The leather-goods manufacturer is integrating NFC SpeedTap tags from Thinfilm into its exclusive handbags to “battle counterfeiting and address growing concerns of fraud within the broader luxury goods market”.

“SpeedTap tags are thin, flexible labels that integrate with a product’s packaging or label and can be read with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone,” Thinfilm says. “Each tag is uniquely identifiable and is virtually impossible to clone. Once tapped, the tag wirelessly communicates with the cloud, instantly delivering authentication messaging, serial numbers and other relevant content from the brand or manufacturer.”

“We consider each of our Maria&Donato handbags to be works of art and, in that regard, product authentication is an important part of the customer experience,” says Javier Villaverde, product development director at Maria&Donato.

“Thinfilm’s SpeedTap technology is a highly secure solution that improves our actual anti-counterfeiting system and gives our loyal customers the assurance and satisfaction they expect when purchasing one of our unique handbags.”

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