Rémy Cointreau uses NFC tags to let purchasers verify ownership of exclusive cognac decanter

Remy Cointreau NFC decanter
LIMITED EDITION: The NFC tag in the decanter stopper enables owners to sign up for brandy ‘tasting rituals’

Rémy Cointreau has integrated an NFC tag into the stopper of a limited edition red glass decanter containing its Louis XIII luxury cognac that enables owners to register their purchase and join a private members’ club for Louis XIII owners.

The French drinks brand is releasing only 200 of its handmade N°XIII decanters worldwide via a series of “tasting rituals” at “the world’s most exclusive nightclubs” that customers can apply to attend.

“The experience is so exclusive that there is a greater chance of being accepted on a space mission,” Rémy Cointreau claims.

“Following a N°XIII tasting ritual, clients may leave the nightclub with their N°XIII decanter (if the rules of the club and local legal regulations allow) as a treasured souvenir of the most memorable of nights.

“The NFC-enabled stopper grants the owner exclusive access to the Louis XIII Society and all its membership benefits.”

Rémy Cointreau announced it was integrating an NFC chip into the cork stopper of its Louis XIII decanters in November 2018.

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