Alaska Airlines flight attendants accept onboard contactless payments on iPhones using Apple Tap to Pay

Customer making contactless payment on a Alaska Airlines' flight attendant's iPhone using Apple Tap to Pay
SOFTPOS: Alaska Airlines is introducing Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone on selected flights before a full rollout

Alaska Airlines has become the first in the US to roll out support for Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone software point of sale feature, enabling passengers to pay for beverages and food during their flight by tapping a flight attendant’s iPhone with their physical or digital contactless payment card.

“Our flight attendants use iPhones onboard the aircraft to make sure you’re seated correctly, deliver your pre-ordered meal, offer you an elite chocolate and take snack and alcohol orders,” the airline says.

“Because of new technology from Apple and our partnership with Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, we can now use those iPhones to accept your contactless payment method of choice.

“Tap to Pay on iPhone is rolling out on select flights and will be available across our fleet in the next few months.”

Apple launched its Tap to Pay on iPhone softPOS feature in the US in July 2022 and has subsequently rolled out the service in Taiwan, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil and Ukraine.

Alaska Airlines began enabling passengers to create and store a digital passport on their smartphone in September.

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