Australian winery picks NFC tags for brand promotion campaign

Australian vineyard wine bottle with  NFC tag for brand promotion
REWARDS: Customers tap the NFC chip in the wine bottle label or scan a QR code to win prizes

Consumers purchasing specially marked bottles of wine produced by the Devil’s Corner winery in Tasmania will be able to enter a promotion and win rewards by tapping an NFC chip in the label or scanning a QR code.

The winery has added the NFC tags to the bottles for a ‘Lost Shipment’ promotion that gives consumers the chance to win instant prizes as well as enter a draw for an “epic major prize adventure”.

“We were looking for a simple way for consumers to enter our Lost Shipment promotion without needing to manually type in a URL or unique code,” Devil’s Corner brand manager Erica Young told the Tasmania Examiner.

“NFC allows consumers an inherently easy way to tap to enter and also provides us with a new channel for ongoing communications when people are in the wine aisle.”

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