Office shuttle service adopts ultrasonic technology for boarding pass authentication

Office shuttle service mobile app with ultrasonic boarding pass authentication
CONTACTLESS: Shuttl commuters can now authenticate their mobile boarding pass using data-over-sound

Commuters travelling on buses provided by app-based office shuttle service provider Shuttl can now authenticate their mobile boarding passes using an ultrasonic ‘data-over-sound’ contactless verification system.

Shuttl operates buses on more than 350 routes in nine cities across India and south east Asia and enables commuters to find a route, purchase tickets and book a guaranteed seat via its mobile app.

The service’s new contactless check-in system uses ultrasonic ‘person present’ authentication technology provided by US data-over-sound company Lisnr.

“Shuttl, a long-time leader in seamless and contactless mobility boarding experiences, required a solution that not only keeps both driver and rider safe but also is capable of handling spikes in usage all the while maintaining a quick and reliable boarding process,” Lisnr says.

“The ‘scale of authentication’ due to the sheer volume of daily rides, concurrent riders and simultaneous boarding, required a technology that has the capability to manage and improve the way we travel.”

“An ‘assured seat’ is one of our key offerings for consumers, and it makes accurate boarding authentication in noisy on-road conditions critical to our business,” says Shuttl’s Vivek Surie.

“Lisnr has proved to be a reliable solution for our need and scale.”

On-demand bus service BusUp rolled out contactless ticketing using Lisnr’s ultrasonic technology in September 2020.

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