NFC tag supplier ShopNFC opens NFCW Expo showcase

ShopNFC at the NFCW Expo
SHOPNFC: NFC tag supplier holds a broad inventory and ships worldwide from its warehouse in Italy

NFCW EXPO: ShopNFC, a supplier of NFC tags and accessories that offers fast, free delivery to businesses across the globe, has opened a booth in the NFCW Expo.

The NFC tag specialist offers a wide range of pre-printed and custom printed NFC stickers, NFC asset tags for use in industry, fashion and harsh environments and NFC readers for mobile payments, access control and inventory tracking.

ShopNFC also offers NFC tag encoding, UID reading and reporting, serial printing for stickers and cards, and pairing of UIDs and customer-provided serial numbers.

NFC starter kits containing themed packs of mixed NFC tags and stickers are also available for developers, researchers and innovators looking to try out NFC ideas with real working hardware. You can see ShopNFC’s showcase in the NFCW Expo here and find out more about opening your own exhibition booth here.