Klang2 launches music memory game with NFC

Klang2 NFC memory game
MUSICAL MEMORY: Players play using a smartphone, an app and wooden sound squares with NFC chips

Fans of traditional memory games such as Pairs can now play sound-based versions of it using their NFC-enabled smartphone, an app and a set of 20 wooden sound squares equipped with NFC chips.

Developed by a German startup of the same name, Klang2 (pronounced Klangquadrat) allows players to test their memories by matching music clips, musical notes, children’s songs, place names and animal sounds generated by holding the NFC-enabled squares to their smartphone.

The technology enables players “to play hundreds of different games”, the developers say, adding that the game also has educational benefits, such as improving concentration, raising awareness of auditory perception and connecting auditory and spatial learning.

A short video shows how one version of the game can be played:

The company is producing new versions of the game which will be made available through the app.

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