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Apple awarded patent for mobile airline ticketing and travel service

The iTravel patent covers the use of an NFC-enabled iPhone for buying an airline ticket, checking in baggage and passing through security.

Figure 4 from Apple's iTravel patent, US 8,215,546
ITRAVEL: New Apple patent covers self-service check in with NFC. Click to enlarge.

The USPTO has granted Apple a patent for a service that lets travellers use their mobile phone to both buy an airline ticket and pass more smoothly and speedily through an airport on their day of travel.

US patent number 8,215,546, System and method for transportation check-in — usually referred to as the iTravel patent — describes an unmanned, automated airport ticketing and baggage counter kiosk and introduces the concept of an automated security checking process where users of the app could process themselves through the security clearance system and check themselves in at the boarding gate.

Apple demonstrated part of this potential service during the announcement last month of its Passbook mobile wallet service, due to arrive with iOS 6 later this year.

The iTravel patent was filed in September 2008 and first published in April 2010 and is one of a suite of NFC and mobile wallet-related patents which were published that month:

Other NFC-related Apple patent applications, published between 2009 and 2012, include: