Apple adds an NFC-based concert ticket patent

Yet another NFC-related Apple patent application has been published, this time targeting the concert, entertainment and sports ticketing sectors.

System and method for providing electronic event tickets‘ uses iTunes and near field communication to deliver a service called Concert Ticket+ which delivers an enhanced entertainment service to customers. Ticket holders using the service could, for instance, automatically receive a live recording of the concert they have just attended, get access to exclusive content and also benefit from special offers on refreshments and merchandise on sale at the venue.

The patent describes NFC-enabled turnstiles at the entry points to a venue as well as a contactless card-sized RFID ticket that can be read by an NFC-enabled iPhone.

As well as concerts, the patent covers the use of NFC to deliver enhanced services to attendees of sporting events, visitors to amusement parks, conferences, guests at a wedding and more.

Patently Apple has all the details…

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  1. That’s some pretty out-there, innovative thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if Apple could innovate that concept into, say, the transport industry? I’d love an NFC enabled card that would let me use public transport in London, say, but without the forward thinking creative genius of Apple’s patenting department it seems like an unrealistic dream.

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