Report analyses the potential of NFC-enabled MicroSD cards

A new research report published by management consultancy The Human Chain looks in detail at the potential of NFC-enabled MicroSD cards to drive adoption of near field communication-based services.

The report examines the current status of the technology, its implications, the business drivers and the user experience compared with using an integrated NFC-enabled mobile phone.

NFC microSD cards: stepping stone or standard?‘ also explains how the technology works, details patents registered by firms active in the market and addresses the question of whether NFC-enabled MicroSD cards are an interim solution or whether they will become established as a long-term option for NFC services.

“The report starts from the premise that NFC is just one of the features that consumers may demand alongside a wider range of functions and apps such as cameras and games, and that they are unlikely to go out of their way to purchase a mobile handset with NFC until there is a range of stable, attractive services that are easy and convenient to use that make use of that capability,” explains The Human Chain’s Dr Nick Spencer, one of the report’s authors.

“Interest is strongest in countries that have a mix of mobile standards and it is here that NFC MicroSD cards could gain a solid foothold,” adds Tim Jefferson, the company’s managing director and co-author of the report.

For the technology to take off, however, the authors believe the devices need to provide:

  • Multi-application support
  • Multiple NFC mode support in the longer term, such as card emulation, reader mode and peer-to-peer functionality
  • Over The Air (OTA) download and set-up

Ease of use and a rich user experience are also vital parts of driving adoption and ensuring the long-term success of this technology, the report concludes, citing recent pilots that show consumers want:

  • Minimum key presses
  • Automatic triggering of applications
  • The ability to complete transactions with a single tap

Further information on the report is available from The Human Chain’s website.

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