Metrolinx adds support for debit card payments to contactless ticketing pilot in Toronto

Woman tapping contactless debit card on Metrolinx UP payment terminal
TICKET TRIAL: Travellers on the UP Express airport rail link can now pay using their contactless debit card

Passengers travelling on Metrolinx’s Union Pearson (UP) Express airport rail link in the Canadian city of Toronto can now opt to pay their fares with their contactless debit card as part of the transport agency’s trial of its Presto open payment ticketing system.

Metrolinx launched the trial in March and initially enabled passengers to make fare payments by tapping a contactless credit card or mobile wallet at the beginning and end of their journey instead of purchasing a Presto transit card or e-ticket.

“Customers can now tap on and off using Interac debit, and internationally issued Visa debit and debit Mastercard, or by adding these cards enabled with these payment methods to their mobile wallet and tapping with their phone or smart watch,” Metrolinx says.

“This not only means more choice and convenience for UP customers, it also marks the first time a transit agency in Canada is offering a Canadian contactless debit option as a way to pay.”

“When a customer taps an Interac debit card at the beginning of a trip, a temporary $15 pre-authorisation may be placed on that card, even if the actual fare is less,” Metrolinx adds.

“This amount may be held by their bank until Presto calculates the actual fare for the trip and charges the customer’s bank account. Final charges should typically appear — and any unneeded funds should be released — within 24 hours.”

Metrolinx originally announced plans to trial an open payment contactless ticketing system in November 2019.

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