Credit Libanais to trial biometric payment cards

Zwipe biometric payment card for Credit Libanais
BIOMETRIC PILOT: Users authorise a payment by placing their thumb on the card’s fingerprint sensor

Lebanese bank Credit Libanais is to pilot a biometric payment card that will enable customers to authorise contactless payments with their thumb.

Once they have registered their thumbprint, users will then be able to make payments by placing their thumb on the card’s fingerprint sensor and holding it near a contactless reader.

“Post-pandemic, we have seen a strong demand for touch-less checkout as they are safer and much more hygienic which this innovation will directly address; and that is why we have partnered with [technology provider] Zwipe to pilot a new generation of biometric payment cards that will deliver a significantly improved user experience and security for our retail clients,” Credit Libanais says.

The biometric cards being trialled by the bank will be based on Zwipe’s Pay One technology.

A short video shows how cards using the technology work.

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