US digital bank introduces contactless payments rings

Hand tapping Quontic Bank contactless payments ring on terminal
BATTERYLESS: The Quontic Pay Ring can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted

Customers of US-based digital bank Quontic can now opt to order a contactless payments ring that they can link to their checking account and use to make purchases wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Once they have activated their Quontic Pay Ring, users can make payments with the batteryless wearable device by curling their fingers “as you would if you were going to knock on a door, but do it over the payment terminal”, the bank explains.

“Manufactured to be water and scratch resistant, as well as long lasting, the wearable payment ring is durable enough to survive normal day-to-day life,” Quontic adds.

The “first ever tap-to-pay mobile payment ring on the US market” can be linked to a Quontic high interest checking, bitcoin rewards or cash rewards checking account and be disabled in the event of a user misplacing it, the banks says.

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