Colombian banks pilot national digital IDs for transaction authentication

Colombian woman having her face biometrics captured for national digital ID

Residents of Colombia with a La Cédula Digital Colombiana digital national identity card can now use their facial biometric data stored on the National Registry of Civil Status to authenticate their identity when opening a bank account, requesting a loan or carrying out other transactions on mobile banking apps, at bank branches and at ATMs... More

Queensland to expand mobile driving licence pilot

Queensland digital driving licence on two smartphones

Residents of Townsville in northern Queensland will soon be able to store and use digital versions of their driving licence, marine licence and photo ID cards on their smartphone when the Australian state launches the next phase of its Digital Licence app trial prior to a state-wide rollout due later this year... More

McDonald’s trials contactless fast food outlet in Texas

Man picking up order at McDonald’s contactless fast food outlet in Texas

McDonald’s is testing an automated contactless system at an outlet near Fort Worth in the US state of Texas that enables customers to order, pay for and collect food and beverages prepared by staff in the outlet’s kitchen from a conveyor belt without needing to use a conventional checkout or pick up their orders from a front-of-house employee... More