Australian liquor store chain adds NFC shelf labels to enhance customer engagement

Dan Murphy's liquor store Australia using NFC shelf edge labels to enhance customer engagement
SHELF DETAILS: The new ‘design concept’ stores include NFC shelf edge labels for customer engagement

Consumers purchasing beer, wine and spirits at outlets operated by Dan Murphy’s in Australia can now get product information and read customer reviews about specific products by tapping an NFC shelf label with their smartphone.

The electronic shelf labels (ESL) also enable staff to adjust the prices of individual items without having to change a physical price ticket.

“An average store will beat hundreds of prices every week, and changing those price tickets can be quite time consuming for the team, but with ESL tags, it’s simple and efficient. We are also seeing that stores that have ESL use 90% less paper, so the technology will help us reduce paper usage,” Dan Murphy’s managing director Alex Freudmann says. 

“ESL will help us communicate with shoppers in a new way, reduce paper usage and make our store teams more efficient,” he added. 

Dan Murphy’s has introduced the NFC shelf labels as part of a national rollout of a “new flagship design concept” beginning with five outlets in the cities of Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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