Mastercard to let consumers make card-free biometric payments in store with their face or palm

Mastercard biometric checkout program graphic
SECURE POS: Mastercard’s Biometric Payment Program enables contactless payment by face or palm

Mastercard has a launched a biometric checkout scheme that sets out standards and requirements for in-store biometric payment solutions enabling consumers to make contactless biometric payments with their face or palm and without needing to use a payment card or mobile device.

The programme aims “to help establish standards for new ways to pay at stores of all sizes, from major retailers to mom-and-pop shops” and “ensure the security and privacy of personal data when people pay biometrically”, Mastercard says.

Five St Marche supermarkets in Săo Paolo, Brazil, will be the first to pilot a solution that enables customers to register their face and payment information via an app and then “simply smile to pay at the checkout”, which has been developed in collaboration with Mastercard by biometric technology provider Payface.

Further pilots of biometric checkout solutions are also being planned in the Middle East and Asia with other technology providers, including NEC, Aurus, PayByFace, PopID and Fujitsu, Mastercard says.

How it works

“Participants in Mastercard’s Biometric Checkout Program offer consumers the option to conveniently enrol into their biometric checkout services, in store or at home, through a merchant or identity provider app,” Mastercard says.

“Once enrolled, there is no need to slow down the checkout queue searching through their pockets or bag. Consumers can simply check the bill and smile into a camera or wave their hand over a reader to pay.

“The new technology ensures a fast and secure checkout experience, whilst also empowering consumers to choose how they want to pay.

“For merchants, the benefits are also considerable, from faster transaction times and shorter lines to greater hygiene and heightened security.

“The payments system can be integrated with loyalty programs and personalised recommendations to help consumers find products they might be interested in based on previous purchases.”

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