Survey reports on consumer attitudes to using mobile apps for transit ticketing

Moovit 2020 consumer attitudes to mobile apps for travel infographic
PASSENGER SAFETY: Interest in mobile payment for transit ticketing is growing in major cities worldwide

Nearly one in two Americans (46%) are most likely or definitely interested in mobile payment options for public transit ticketing “for a safer mass transit journey”, a survey of consumers in 28 countries around the world has found.

This compares with 50% of Israelis, 48% of UAE residents, 42% of Singaporeans and 36% of Hong Kong residents, according to figures published in Moovit’s 2020 Global Public Transport Report.

It also reveals that 57% of residents in Mexico City, 56% in Madrid, 54% in Sao Paulo, 42% in New York and 41% in London also gave a positive answer to the question: “Would you like to pay for your public transportation rides using an app?”.

The report includes information from 104 cities and regions in the 28 countries. It also examines other key topics such as commute times, waiting times at stops or stations, trip distances, micro-mobility usage, incentives that encourage transit usage and the impact of Covid-19 on the use of public transport.

This is the first time Moovit’s annual report has included information about demand for mobile payment options on public transit services worldwide.

More detailed survey results for all the countries, cities and regions covered in the report can be accessed here.

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