French city lets passengers pay bus and tram fares via NFC and BLE tags

Corduent Fil Bleu Seamless Transportation System on a bus supporting BLE and NFC contactless payment
SEAMLESS: Fil Bleu passengers can now pay their fares by scanning an on-board NFC or BLE tag

Passengers using buses and trams on the Fil Bleu public transport network in the French city of Tours can now pay their fares by scanning either an on-board NFC tag with their Android device or a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag with an iOS smartphone.

Fil Bleu has introduced the Seamless Transportation System on its 200 buses and 21 trams, allowing passengers to make contactless fare payments from their mobile phone after registering a valid Mastercard, Eurocard or Visa bank card on the system’s app.

“The user downloads the Seamless Transportation System app onto their NFC (for Android) or BLE (for iOS) enabled smartphone and registers to activate their account,” explains technology provider Conduent.

“To travel, they simply present their smartphone at any tag. The tag then creates and stores an encrypted transaction and relays it to the smartphone.

“The solution is universal. It is designed independently of SIM cards and compatible with all mobile phone operators. It can be installed quickly and uses encryption technology and other security protocols to ensure data privacy and security.”

Conduent’s Seamless Transportation System has now been rolled out in a total of seven urban areas across France, including Blois, Perpignan, Toulon and St Malo.

Once a passenger has downloaded the app, they can use it to make fare payments on any transport network that supports the service.

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