Israel begins rollout of national account-based mobile ticketing system

Israel public transport ticketing illustration
MOBILE APP: Bus users in Israel can now pay their fares via an account-based ticketing system

Passengers on bus services across Israel can now use a single mobile app to get travel information, plan their journeys and pay for their fares using an account-based ticketing system that charges their account at the end of the month for all the journeys they have made.

The system records all the trips each user makes during the month and then charges their account according to the best available fares for the journeys they have made and any discounts they are entitled to.

Once registered, users record their journeys by using their smartphone camera to scan a QR code near the driver or rear door of the bus, selecting a destination or travel distance and validating the journey.

The service is a result of a collaboration between Mobility-as-a-Service provider Moovit and parking, fuel and road toll payments service Pango and is available via the latest update of the Moovit app.

“Pango and Moovit have teamed up to allow you to pay for travel on public transportation easily and conveniently,” the partners say.

“As of today, we are parting ways with [stored value transit card] Rav-Kav and moving to pay directly from the Moovit app.

“Travel and pay only at the end of the month with no commitment in advance.”

The service is currently available on all buses in Israel with plans to roll it out to Israel Railways and the Carmelit underground funicular railway in Haifa in February 2021, according to a Times of Israel report.

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