ST gains NFC Forum certification for high performance NFC and contactless payments reader

ST ST25R3916 NFC Forum Certificate .pdf
CERTIFIED: The ST25R3916 NFC universal device and EMVCo reader is fully compliant with NFC Forum and ISO standards

PARTNER NEWS: STMicroelectronics has received NFC Forum certification for the ST25R3916, a high performance NFC universal device and EMVCo reader that is fully compliant with ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18092, Felica and NFC Forum standards.

The ST25R3916 is designed for use in EMVCo 3.0 contactless POS terminals as well as a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications, including access control, gaming, IoT, brand protection and supply chain use cases.

Key features include:

  • Reader/writer, P2P and card emulation modes
  • Fully compliant with all relevant NFC standards
  • Up to 2.5W with dynamic power output (DPO), for smaller antenna size and greater range
  • Automatic EMD handling, for system robustness enhancement and faster design
  • Active wave shaping (AWS), to reduce over- and under-shoots and make it easier to pass NFC/EMVCo requirements
  • Noise suppression receiver (NSR), allowing operation in noisy environments such as those caused by lower cost LCDs
  • Automatic antenna tuning (ATT)
  • Capacitive and inductive wake-up (CIWU) for power saving

As well as the ST25R3916, the chip maker has received NFC Forum certification for an earlier generation reader, the ST25R3911B.

A wide range of the company’s NFC tag chips are also NFC Forum certified, including its ST25DV-I2C and ST25DV-PWM type 5 dynamic NFC/RFID tag chips, ST25TV type 5 NFC/RFID tag chips and ST25TA type 4 NFC tag chips.

Full details and technical documentation on the ST25R3916 are available on ST’s website.