Las Vegas restaurant lets diners use QR codes to pay their bill with Apple Pay

iPhone being using Clover Scan to Pay to scan QR code
BILL PAYMENT: Scan to Pay enables diners to pay with Apple Pay using their iPhone to scan a QR code

Las Vegas restaurant Makers & Finders is the first to use a new service that lets diners scan a QR code on their printed bill to pay for their meal with Apple Pay.

The restaurant is using Scan to Pay, from POS supplier Clover, that adds a QR code to the bottom of each bill.

Customers can then simply scan the QR code with their iPhone’s camera to make payment, without needing to download an app. They can also add a tip.

“Not only is Apple Pay quick and convenient for both the guest and restaurant, it is also secure as a customer must authorise every transaction with Face ID or Touch ID on their iPhone,” Clover parent Fiserv says.

“Servers know the guest has paid because the bill shows as paid instantly on all the restaurant’s devices. Additionally, guests have access to their restaurant bill on their phone, and if the restaurant is using Clover Feedback, guests can share their comments with the restaurant owner through direct message.”

“As a high-volume restaurant, we wanted a more efficient way for our guests to pay,” says Makers & Finders’s owner Josh Molina.

“Since we began using Scan to Pay with Clover Dining, we have been able to offer a more seamless payment experience to our guests, turning more tables while giving guests a ‘wow’ experience as they pay for their meal.”

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