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US pop band adds NFC tags to merchandise range

Band merchandise NFC tags
TAGGED TOGS: US band Airspoken’s merchandising gives fans access to digital content using NFC tags

Fans of US pop group Airspoken can now access music, videos and other digital content by tapping their NFC mobile devices against NFC tags embedded in the band’s merchandise, from t-shirts, stickers and hats to bracelets and more.

“Labeling on the shirts instruct the wearer to tap the left sleeve with an NFC-enabled smartphone to activate videos, music and other smart content embedded within the garment,” technology provider Innercell says.

“The Innercell platform works on any NFC-enabled device with no need to download a phone app. When the consumer waves a phone near Innercell-embedded merchandise, the content launches instantly, allowing artists and labels to send targeted messaging to their most engaged fans.”

“Innercell’s network already allowed fans to access music, videos and other digital content using Android smartphones,” the company adds. “Apple’s move to enable iPhones and Apple Watch devices to access the NFC technology will greatly expand the consumer base, leading Innercell to broaden the range of merchandise that provides access to artists’ messaging.”

“Information critical to the use and function of a product should never be lost or thrown away,” says Innercell founder and CEO Dan Jordan. “The future of this technology is in allowing companies to embed anti-counterfeiting systems, manuals, safety data and warranty cards directly on the products themselves, never to be lost or misplaced again.”

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