French joint venture to deploy NFC mobile ticketing

ON TRACK: Wizway Solutions will roll out NFC mobile ticketing in France in 2017

A joint venture has been established in France with the aim of bringing an NFC mobile ticketing solution to the market in 2017. Public transport operator RATP, mobile network operator Orange, digital security giant Gemalto and railway company SNCF each hold a 25% stake in Wizway Solutions, which remains open to other operators and carriers.

“Wizway Solutions harnesses the expertise of each of its four partners to offer transport organising authorities (TOAs) and transport companies a modern and simple ticketing solution that will facilitate door-to-door travel,” the companies say.

“Using mobile devices that are compatible with NFC, passengers will be able to purchase all types of tickets — single fares, railcards and more — anywhere, anytime with their carrier’s or TOA’s app and store these tickets securely on their SIM card.

“When travelling, passengers will simply pass their cellphones over readers or terminals or present them to agents checking tickets. A mobile device will suffice for travel, even if it is out of battery or switched off.”

International markets

“The solution offered by Wizway Solutions incorporates two industry standards — Calypso, a contactless international standard that is widely used in France, and NFC technology for mobile phones,” the companies add. “It will be compatible with the various operating systems used by mobile phone manufacturers as well as those of telecoms operators in France and, in the medium term, on international markets.”

The service will be made available to TOAs and transport companies in 2016 and be deployed to the general public in 2017.

“RATP has been promoting innovative ticketing since we launched our first contactless pass and Wizway Solutions meet our aim of combining sustainable mobility with smart city life through new digital services that facilitate travellers’ daily commute,” says Elisabeth Borne, chairman and CEO of RATP.

“Wizway Solutions is the first joint venture to create a global ecosystem offering passengers innovative contactless mobility solutions,” adds Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou. “These solutions are based on a shared, open platform that respects and protects each consumer’s personal data.”

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