Chile NFC pilot to begin in Santiago

More details of the NFC payments pilot to be carried out by mobile network operator Movistar and banking group Banco Santander in Chile later this year have been revealed.


Following an initial trial in the Santiago region, the service will be rolled out across Chile with 5,000 payment terminals expected to be installed by the end of the year.

“A rapid nationwide take-off of the service is expected in the coming years,” says Movistar’s marketing director Paula Figueroa. “We are paving the way to the deployment of other mobile contactless services besides payments, such as transport and loyalty programs. This joint trial with Banco Santander and Oberthur Technologies represents a real step forward in the deployment of NFC in Chile, and more generally across Latin America.”

Oberthur Technologies is to provide an end-to-end solution for the pilot. It will act as TSM and provide NFC SIM cards, a Mobile PayPass app and a mobile wallet allowing users to activate their payment cards and view their transaction history.

“We chose Oberthur Technologies to be our TSM provider for the comprehensiveness of its NFC solution and because of its experience in supplying the required security level for such sensitive services,” says Magdalena Assef, Banco Santander’s head of mobile payment.

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