GearID announces Bluetooth LE and NFC tracker tag

GearID's GearTag

Startup GearID is raising funds on Kickstarter to produce GearTag, a smart tag that utilises both Bluetooth LE and NFC and is designed to be attached to personal possessions in order to track their location.

After pairing the tag to a Bluetooth LE equipped smartphone, alerts are triggered when the tag is moved out of a certain range of the handset.

An accompanying mobile app also includes two features for locating misplaced items. ‘Page’ locates items using a beep emitted by the GearTag while ‘Marco’ displays the approximate distance the owner is from a misplaced item and lets them know if they are getting ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’ as they move around.

The GearTag community will also be able to assist in locating an item, GearID says. “If another user is in the vicinity, the tag will broadcast its identity to the user’s smartphone — which will then report the location to the GearTag servers.”

An NFC tag included in each GearTag, and a QR code printed on the device, will allow anyone who finds a lost item to tap or scan its tag to access the service’s website and get information on how to return the item to its owner — while preserving the privacy of both parties.

GearID estimates a battery life of one year for each tag and says batteries are easy to replace.

A total of US$25,000 is being sought to put GearTags into production, with an individual tag requiring a US$30 pledge and two tags costing US$50. US$7,504 has been pledged by 208 backers so far, with 25 days to go.

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