Far EasTone picks Morpho for NFC payments and rewards pilot

Taiwanese carrier Far EasTone has chosen ID technology provider Morpho to provide the TSM platform for its upcoming NFC payments trial, which will see users able to make purchases in stores, pay for public transportation and participate in loyalty programs.

Far EastOne

The “Far EasTone NFC All Around Trial Program” will run until the end of January 2014 and will see 1,000 employees taking part.

“Far EasTone’s vision is to build a nationwide NFC ecosystem by 2014,” says Morpho. “This trial program is a major milestone in realizing this grand vision.”

MasterCard, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, EasyCard, Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Vodafone, Gemalto and Dante Coffee are also working with Far EasTone on the project.

“We partner with Morpho for its end-to-end expertise, its market-proven technologies and its business knowledge,” says Far EasTone’s Roger Chen.

“Most important of all is their experience in enabling service providers from multiple and diverse industries to enrich our service offering on the TSM platform,” Chen explains. “This is most crucial for the adoption of our services as well as for the success of our vision to build the NFC ecosystem.”

“We are honoured to be the partner of this trial program,” says Morpho’s Chua Thian Yee. “This is not just another NFC pilot – it will set an example for other NFC projects globally.”

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