Cirque shows off NFC trackpad

Cirque Glidepoint NFC sensor
TRACKPAD: NFC antenna is etched around edge of touch sensor

Capacitive sensing specialist Cirque Corporation showed its touchpad with integrated NFC antenna solution at CES last week.

The solution, first demonstrated as a prototype last year, has now been built into a usable trackpad.

Both GlidePoint trackpads and GlideTouch touchscreens can be combined with NFC, says Cirque, and the devices provide an ideal location for an NFC antenna in the new generation of metal bodied devices like Ultrabooks. Cirque’s patented touchpads incorporate an NFC antenna that is etched around the margins of the touch sensor circuitry and are expected to be used in laptop computers, payment terminals, tablets and mobile phones.

GlidePoint NFC is designed to be interchangeable with the company’s other trackpads as well as those from other brands and is being promoted as being designed to support the NFC features coming in Windows 8.

A one-minute video shows off the GlidePoint NFC in action:

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