Cirque adds NFC to touch panels

The capacitive sensing technology specialist has integrated an NFC antenna into its trackpad and touch panel modules, enabling a single input device to be used for both NFC and touch interactions.

CIRQUE: Combining NFC with touch

Capacitive sensing specialist Cirque Input Solutions has announced it has built NFC technology into its GlidePoint trackpad and GlideTouch touch panel modules. The new products are based on patented technology and are designed to be built into notebook computers, payment terminals, tablets and mobile phones, keyboards and PC peripherals, medical devices, industrial controls and other devices.

“Cirque’s GlidePoint trackpads and GlideTouch touch panels already offer industry leading features like multi-finger gestures, precise finger tracking and high resolution stylus performance,” the company explains.

“The combination of touch and near field communications operation has traditionally been problematic because both systems can interfere with one another,” says Cirque. “By combining NFC operation with touch sensing, Cirque solutions greatly simplify the addition of NFC to a wide variety of products.”

The company has produced a video showing the new technology in action:

“So many devices combine touch and NFC”, adds Cirque’s Douglas Moore. “It is ideal to combine both technologies, which we can now do thanks to our patented methods.”

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