Delhi Metro begins rolling out upgraded mobile and contactless ticketing system

Delhi Metro Sikanderpur Station access gates
EXPANSION: Delhi Metro is installing its upgraded contactless fare collection system on its entire network

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has begun installing its upgraded contactless fare collection system that will enable passengers to pay for their journeys via NFC mobile ticketing, QR code mobile or paper ticketing, an EMV bank card or RuPay-enabled National Common Mobility Card (NCMC).

DMRC’s automatic fare collection system (AFCS) is currently available on the Indian capital’s airport express line and is now being added at 44 stations in phase four of its expansion programme prior to a network-wide rollout.

“The system will need to be upgraded on all corridors as anyone entering the DMRC network from a phase-four station will need the same system to exit from stations with AFC systems from phases one, two and three. This is the reason why the standalone airport express line got the system first, as its AFC system is not connected with the main network,” according to a Times of India report.

“The metro corporation is also upgrading the AFC firmware, which will allow passengers to use their credit or debit card as a smart card.

“At present, some metros like Kochi and Nagpur have the facility, but only for debit/credit cards of particular banks.

“DMRC’s system will be able to accept transactions from all banks through the RuPay portal.

“The new system would also help create more ‘fare zones’ in the metro network, which helps in determining the fare to be deducted from the smart card based on distance travelled.”

DMRC published plans to upgrade the contactless ticketing system across its entire network in February.

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