Tesco opens its first checkout-free store in London

tesco.com app on smartphone for access to GetGo checkout free store
CASHIERLESS: To check in, customers show a QR code on their phone to a reader at the store entrance

UK supermarket chain Tesco has opened its first checkout-free store in central London, enabling customers to check in at the store entrance with a smartphone app, select the products they want and leave without needing to scan their purchases or pay for them at the checkout.

Customers will be charged for their purchases via the Tesco.com app and receive a receipt on their smartphone “within a few minutes of leaving the store”.

The Tesco GetGo store uses AI-powered technology in combination with a system of cameras and weight sensors to track each customer’s journey through the store and establish which items they have chosen to purchase.

“The rollout of this technology to Tesco Express High Holborn follows a successful trial at Tesco’s colleague store in Welwyn Garden City, which has been in place since 2019,” the supermarket says.

“This is currently just a one-store trial but we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers respond.”

Aldi began testing checkout-free technology at one of its London stores in September, while Amazon Fresh now has six cashierless stores in the UK after launching its first such store in London in March.

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