Hello, NFCW readers!

After fifteen years of reporting week in, week out on the latest NFC and contactless news, the NFCW team was forced to take a health break in January — but we’re now back with renewed vigor and new plans to dig deep into the latest trends and technologies.

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“Twenty years after Nokia, Sony and Philips came together to start an industry association with a mission to create a global contactless communications standard, NFC is now — at last — ready to truly take off,” says Sarah Clark, editor of NFCW.

“New standards and new initiatives by government regulators mean that, at last, the true potential of NFC to enable a new generation of open digital wallets that can contain everything from our payment cards to our driving license, passport, car keys, ID badges, loyalty cards, receipts and warranties, is set to be realized.

“And, with the imminent arrival of central bank digital currencies, we’ll soon even be able to pay in cash with our digital devices.

“Our news reporting restarts today and we hope you’ll join us as the next stage of the journey unfolds. Welcome to a new NFC world!”

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