Indian food delivery service promotes online ordering with an NFC coaster

Swiggy instamart advert with products shooting out of top of smartphone
SNACKSTATION: The coaster’s NFC tag and QR code give customers access to a new snack menu

Bangalore-based food delivery service Swiggy Instamart in India has launched a promotional drinks coaster equipped with NFC and a QR code that enables consumers to access a selection of snacks and beverages by tapping or scanning it with their mobile device.

The coasters are being sent to customers when they make a purchase from the Swiggy Instamart platform, allowing them to tap the embedded NFC tag or scan the QR code to enter the delivery service’s newly launched Bolt Snackstation without having to browse the regular menu on the company’s app.

The snack station “comprises a curated list of munchies and beverages, possible ready-to-go combos and trending snacks”, according to an Afaqs news agency report.

“Additionally, it uses AI to track orders and suggest snacks based on users’ preferences.

“Customers can easily get drinks and snacks delivered in 10 minutes using the Bolt Snackstation. Moreover, the brochure sent along with the coaster says that the brand will bring out more interesting keep-at-home offerings for instant access to various curated product collections.”

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