Amazon expands contactless pay by palm technology to Whole Foods Market stores in Colorado

Amazon Dash Cart in Whole Foods Market store in Colorado
SMART TROLLEYS: Amazon Dash Carts track the items customers scan as they shop to enable self-checkout

Customers at Whole Foods Market stores in the greater Denver area in the US state of Colorado can now gain access to the supermarket and make contactless payments for their purchases with their palm.

The Amazon-owned retail chain has rolled out Amazon One biometric palm-recognition technology at 11 outlets across the area. It is also implementing Amazon’s Dash Cart smart shopping trolley at its outlet in SouthGlenn which tracks the items customers scan as they shop and enables them to exit the store without needing to visit a physical checkout.

Amazon has added the Whole Foods Market stores in Belmar, Cherry Creek, Colfax, Colorado Boulevard, Governors Ranch, Highlands Ranch, Ideal Market Denver, SouthGlenn, Tamarac, Union Station and Washington Park to the list of more than 230 Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, Whole Foods Market and other outlets across the USA that now support Amazon One payments.

The retail giant began rolling out its Amazon One biometric device in Amazon Go stores in Seattle in September 2020 and unveiled its Dash Cart self-checkout shopping trolleys in July the same year.

A short video shows how the Dash Cart works:

Coffee shop and bakery chain Panera Bread enabled contactless palm payments using Amazon One technology at selected outlets in March.

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