Amazon unveils self-checkout shopping trolleys

Amazon Dash Cart self-checkout
SMART TROLLEY: Amazon’s Dash Cart tracks items as they’re put in the trolley and enables shoppers to self-checkout

Amazon has unveiled Dash Cart, a smart shopping trolley that automatically tracks the items shoppers place in their trolley as they shop — and then lets them simply exit the store when they have completed their shopping, with no need to visit a physical checkout.

Dash Carts use “a combination of computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify items you put in the cart,” Amazon says. “The cart will be available at the Amazon grocery store in Woodland Hills, California, coming this year.”

“There will be a QR code in the Amazon app that will enable you to easily sign in and begin using the cart,” the company explains. “After that, you’ll just place your bags in the cart and start shopping.

“When you’re done shopping, you’ll simply exit through the store’s Amazon Dash Cart lane, and your receipt will be emailed to you.

“Sensors automatically identify the cart, and your payment is processed using the credit card on your Amazon account.”

“The cart comes with convenient features for grocery shopping, including a screen at the top where you can access your Alexa Shopping List to check items off and view your subtotal.

“In addition, every cart is equipped with a coupon scanner where you can quickly apply store coupons as you shop.”

“Amazon Dash Cart is specifically designed for small- to medium-sized grocery trips and fits two grocery bags,” Amazon adds. “You can shop our entire grocery selection using the cart.”

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