Green Payments to let consumers pay by fingerprint at US stores

Ove touch & Go biometric payment sensor for payment by fingerprint in US stores
FINGER PAYMENT: Shoppers will be able to pay by tapping their finger on the biometric sensor at the POS

Merchants across the US will soon be able to accept biometric payments authenticated by a customer’s fingerprint using a point-of-sale (POS) solution launched by payment processing provider Green Payments.

The solution will allow users to link different payment options stored in a digital wallet — including credit cards, bank accounts and cryptocurrencies — to individual fingers and then make in-store purchases at the POS by tapping the relevant finger on a biometric sensor.

Green Payments is rolling out the service to merchants as part of its POS payments acceptance system using sensors developed by San Francisco-based fingerprint payment technology provider Ove Touch & Go.

“Ove utilises patented sensors to charge customers through customised fingerprint sensors associated with a secure digital wallet through Ove’s mobile application,” Green Payments explains.

“Within the app, customers link their payment options (personal bank account, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies) to different fingers.

“Merchants connect their own Ove sensor to their payment and POS system to seamlessly incorporate the new device and start accepting fingerprint payments.

“By utilising a fingerprint payment model, businesses not only avoid problems associated with facial scanning (smartphones) or paying with a smartwatch, but also reduce payment fraud and liability, minimise refunds and chargeback fees, and increase overall efficiency.” 

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