Cilab adds support for NFC Forum wireless charging testing

Cilab ci230 high-speed tester
WIRELESS CHARGING: WLC test cases are now available for use with Cilab’s ci230 high-speed tester

PARTNER NEWS: NFC testing provider Cilab has made a set of NFC Forum wireless charging specification (WLC) test cases available for use with its ci230 high-speed tester, allowing manufacturers to create modified, extended or fully user-defined pre-certification test cases to ensure their NFC devices meet the new specification’s requirements.

WLC makes it possible to use a smartphone or other NFC charging device to wirelessly charge small battery-powered devices such as those found in many IoT devices at a power transfer rate of up to one watt.

The specification ensures a safe charging process between two NFC-enabled devices in either static or negotiated modes. Cilab’s WLC test cases support both modes as well as debugging in IoT charging mode. The company’s six-axis robotic system also allows for the testing process to be fully automated.

“Our WLC test set consists of the ci230 generating a signal with an integrated amplifier, a scope function, a WLC-compliant dedicated poller/listener antenna and a flexible preliminary test suite for easy debugging,” says Cilab CEO Alfred Binder.

“Direct analogue and digital traces can be recorded for each standard or customised test case and allow you to keep complete control of your device under test, substantially reducing your time to market.

“The addition of test sets such as the new WLC test cases, combined with the ci230’s unique debugging capabilities and provision of absolute measurements rather than a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’, has already resulted in several semiconductor developers choosing to adopt Cilab test equipment for early debugging and customer support.”

Cilab also has NFC Forum test cases available for its CR12, EMVCo PCD and ISO PCD/PICC testing suites.