Stockholm rolls out contactless ticketing payments

Contactless ticketing payment on Stockholm SL transit system
TOKENIZED: Swedes can now make contactless card and smartphone payments for public transport tickets

Passengers using public transport across the Swedish capital of Stockholm can now make tokenized contactless payments for single adult fares on metro, rail, bus, tram and boat services by tapping their debit or credit card or smartphone at a ticket reader.

The city’s Storstockholm Lokaltrafik (SL) transit authority has rolled out the network-wide contactless ticketing system to enable users to purchase a ticket at the fixed price of SEK38 (US$4.57) with their Visa, Mastercard or American Express card or from their Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay digital wallet.

Tickets are valid for 75 minutes of travel and are the same price as in the SL app, ticket machines or when using the SL Access transit card.

“We start by launching the payment method for tickets at adult prices, but continue to develop the system so that it will also be possible to buy a ticket at a discounted price with the payment card,” SL’s David Lagneholm says.

“The service is a new complement to SL’s existing ticket and payment offer. None of the previous ways to buy a ticket will be removed in connection with the launch.”

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