RTD Denver lets passengers buy tickets from within their Lyft app

Lyft ride sharing app with RTD Denver ticketing
MOBILE TICKETING: Passengers will soon be able to buy RTD Denver tickets in the Lyft app

Passengers using Regional Transportation District (RTD) transit services in the Denver metro region of the USA will soon be able to plan their journeys and buy tickets from directly within the Lyft ridesharing app.

The mobile ticketing option, which will roll out “in the coming week”, is being added to Lyft’s Transit feature, enabling users to identify nearby bus and rail connections, as well as other transit options and Lyft vehicles and scooters.

“With mobile ticketing, customers will have one more way — alongside Lyft rideshare, car rentals and scooters — to access reliable and efficient transportation in the Denver metro area,” RTD says.

“It facilitates multimodal travel that closes the first- and last-time gaps between transit and customers’ destinations,” the operator adds. “In Denver, 58% of Lyft customers have reported using a Lyft service to get to or from a transit station.”

Passengers can access the mobile ticketing service via the Transit tab on the Lyft homescreen, search and compare routes, and buy tickets using any Lyft-supported credit or debit card. Once purchased, tickets can be saved for up to 45 days and activated with a single tap when needed.

The service will be adding support for payments with “prepaid cards, Lyft Cash, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and linked bank accounts in the near future”, Lyft says.

RTD launched a transit ticketing integration with Uber in May 2019 and with travel planning app Transit in September 2019.

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