Denver adds support for Transit in-app ticketing

2 smartphone screens showing RTD Transit payment app
FAST TRANSIT: RTD Denver has enabled travellers to plan and buy tickets via the Transit app

RTD, the transportation operator for the city of Denver which launched a transit ticketing integration with Uber in May 2019, has now added a further integration with travel planning app Transit, enabling users to plan and purchase RTD tickets from within the Transit app.

Transit lets users plan journeys incorporating public transport, bike sharing, scooters, car sharing and ride hailing in 200 cities around the world.

They can also pay from within the app for Uber and Lyft journeys and for bike sharing services in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto and Montreal. In addition, they can use it for transit ticketing in Ohio and in Ontario, Canada, as well as in Denver.

“To purchase a ticket with Transit, riders can tap the bar with RTD’s logo at the bottom of their screen inside the app,” RTD says.

“Transit guides users through a step-by-step process to choose a fare type, enter payment information and activate their ticket, which can then be shown to a bus operator or fare inspector for validation.

“Riders can also store tickets in a wallet with their Transit account and use them when they’re ready to ride RTD services.”

“RTD’s riders are already using Transit every day to plan their trips and track our buses and trains,” says RTD CEO Dave Genova.

“Offering them the ability to buy our tickets through Transit provides additional convenience, making it more intuitive for people to complete their trips as easily as possible.”

“Tens of thousands of people across the Denver metro area already open Transit on their phone to plan their trip, track their ride and make connections with ride hail, bike share and scooter services,” adds Transit’s chief operating officer Jake Sion.

“Adding RTD ticketing creates a complete, simplified experience for riders. With a Transit account, users can not only purchase RTD tickets, but also pay for transit and multimodal connections in cities across North America.

“By making it easy for riders to purchase tickets in their favourite app, RTD is setting the tone for other transit agencies across the nation.”

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