Regional Transit Service integrates transit tickets into mobility-as-a-service app

Regional Transit Service RTS Go app and card
TAP AND RIDE: RTS has integrated its RTS Go payments service into the MaaS Transit app

Passengers using Regional Transit Service (RTS) buses in the US city of Rochester can now plan their journeys, get real-time updates, connect to third-party mobility services and make tap-and-ride fare payments from within a single mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) app.

The integration of the RTS Go payments service into the Transit app enables travellers to add stored value to an RTS Go mobile pass stored in the app and to pay for their journey by tapping their mobile device on a validator as they board the bus.

They can also opt to buy a reloadable RTS Go smart card to make onboard contactless fare payments that can be topped up via the app, on a web portal or from a ticket vending machine.

The service also incorporates rewards for using RTS services and a fare-capping system that means passengers are never charged more than the price of a daily or monthly pass if they make more than three journeys in a day or 56 journeys in a month.

RTS Go is being introduced using Masabi’s Justride fare payments-as-a-service platform that also gives transit agencies the option to support “all major ticketing formats including barcode, NFC and contactless EMV (for contactless bank cards)”.

The Canadian city of Saskatoon combined mobile ticketing with its Transit mobile app using the Justride platform in August.

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